Open Door Policy

Parents, you are always invited….

Please know that you are always invited to come and visit us here at Spaulding Middle School to learn about all the wonderful things happening here, as well as to offer and receive assistance. Our Open Door Policy means that you are welcome to come and sit in a teacher’s classroom with your son/daughter, so that you can experience first-hand what class feels and looks like from the perspective of the students. You are always invited to attend our programs, games, and assemblies. Other ways that you can get involved include, joining the PTO, becoming a parent volunteer, and being a chaperone on field trips. Finally, please know that you do not have to wait until the scheduled District Parent Teacher Conferences are held, to meet with your child’s teacher and learn about his/her progress. You are encouraged to schedule conferences during the teacher’s planning period, if you have any questions or concerns about your son/daughter’s academic progress.