Uniform Dos & Don'ts

SMS operates under a mandatory uniform policy, but don't worry-the uniforms are super sporty! Check out students sporting their SMS uniforms last year.

You must know:
  • Uniforms will be worn while attending classes, riding buses & attending school functions unless otherwise identified by school officials
  • Only SMS authorized shirts are acceptable (knit long/short sleeved polo shirts with paw. Sweatshirts may also be purchased.)
  • All shirts must be tucked in at all times!
  • Khaki shorts, pants, skirts, capris, or crop pants may be purchased from the store of your choice, but cannot be oversized. 
  • Belts should be used when necessary.
  • Heavy outdoor jackets and coats of any style, as long as they adhere to DCSD code, as well as gloves, scarves, galoshes, and umbrellas may be worn as weather directs. These will be stored in lockers during instructional time.
  • Any parent in need of financial assistance shall notify the school in writing. The team will evaluate the need and help if possible.
  • Disciplinary action may ensue if dress code is violated.