Student Fees

Student Fees
(Directions below on how to pay online.)
Student IPad Fees Are $20. This Is An Annual Fee That Serves As Insurance On Your Students Device Should It Be Damaged And Covers Up To Three Accidental Incidents On The IPad. It Will Not Cover Lost Or Stolen Devices. 
Per The IPad User Agreement Signed Upon Registration, If You Choose Not To Pay The Technology Fee, You Will Be Responsible For The Following Damages Should They Occur:
- Intentionally Damaged Case: $50
- Intentionally Damaged IPad: $150
- Lost Or Stolen IPad: $150 

* The Parent/Guardian Will Also Be Responsible For Any Intentional Damage To The IPad Or Case.
*Spaulding Middle School Accepts Cash Payments But Online Payments Are Preferred.

Please Click The Link Below For Directions On How To Pay Online Using E-Funds

Directions for paying student fees.pdf

Create an account at:

This account can be used to pay other student fees as well. (ex. Library fees)